About jone(s)

Megan Colon started her journey in fashion as a child, admiring the style of the likes of Madonna, and other pop culture icons at the time. Growing up she loved finding ways to bring a feminine edge to sportswear or combining pieces from each genre for a unique look. As a young adult, she acted as a buyer and GM for a streetwear store in her hometown, Allentown, PA. Visiting New York often and attending major industry trade shows, for 15 years she was able to curate a selection of clothing, shoes and accessories that spoke to her generation.

Megan moved on to work with a private streetwear brand for three years before stepping away from retail. After a two-year hiatus, major changes in the retail industry and in the city she grew up in, she was jonesing to bring her own creation to life.

jone(s) was born from Megan’s perspective on shopping – find places in life you’re willing to sacrifice so you can splurge on your closet! Colon does this herself through a combination of secondhand apparel, fast fashion, and reselling and recycling her wardrobe. jone(s) collections encompass fashionable private label basics, contemporary streetwear styles, luxury items and thrifted goods. Focusing on unisex style items in apparel and footwear, candles, fragrance, art, and other accessories round out the shop’s selection.

The store mood is art deco, stealing its sense of warmth from Miami’s spirit, inviting friends to come sit and vibe to a range of music as diverse as the brands in stock. Never the same place twice, jone(s) is a treasure hunt you’ll want to explore time and time again.